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There are literally thousands of free website templates out on the Internet that, supposedly, you can open up into any website builder software and start editing your content.

Well, that's not really the case these days for those of us who are not that HTML and CSS saavy. The newer website builder templates are loaded with CSS and cool effects that look great when viewing it but not so great when it comes to trying to edit it for your own website.

There is a solution for that now. Ewisoft Website Builder is an amazing website builder software. We will convert almost any website builder template out there so that you can edit it EASILY.

Compare editing a template between Ewisoft Website Builder and Dreamweaver

I downloaded a free website builder template from the Internet and opened it up in Dreamweaver to take a look to see how I could edit it for my website.

Dreamweaver screenshot

When I opened it up, the page looked all malformed and out of place. I tried to place my cursor in there to change some text.

When I tried to edit some text, it ended up deleting some div tags and got pretty ugly.  I found that I had to go into the HTML and carefully edit the text, which for most people, don't like to have to do.

Also, if you want to change the format like a table or some other element inside the page, the page got malformed again and became very frustrating trying to edit this website builder template.

Ewisoft Website Builder screenshot

I converted the website builder template into a Ewisoft website builder template.

Wow, what a difference it is. I can see the pages at the top: home, company, services, clients, contacts.

I can see the page structure in the left window so I can easily move around from page to page.

I can just click on the areas to start editing my content for my website.

Powerful functionality that is built-in to the website builder software

Not only can I edit the website builder template easily but I also have some pretty powerful functionality right at my fingertips.


shopping cart, unlimited categories, pages and products


search engine
optimization tool


spam-proof and field
validating forms




automated sitemap generator


password protect pages


customize template
colors and styles

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